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MARYLAND HEALTH AND HIGHER EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES AUTHORITY NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING CONCERNING ISSUANCE OF BONDS A public hearing will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, June 29, 2018, at the offices of Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority (the “Authority”), 401 East Pratt Street, Suite 1224, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 by the Authority for the proposed issuance of its revenue bonds, notes or other obligations (the “Bonds”), at one time or from time to time, pursuant to the Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority Act. The purpose of the public hearing is to permit any person to testify orally or in writing concerning the issuance of the Bonds or the location and nature of the facilities to be financed or refinanced with the proceeds of the Bonds. The proceeds of the Bonds will be loaned by the Authority to Mercy Medical Center, Inc., a nonprofit Maryland corporation (the “Institution”), in order to refinance the outstanding portions of the Authority’s Revenue Bonds, Mercy Medical Center Issue, Series 2006, the proceeds of which were loaned by the Authority to the Institution in order finance or refinance the acquisition, development, construction, renovation and equipping of health care facilities, including (without limitation): (a) the demolition and reconstruction of the Institution’s Davis Street Garage in order to enlarge the garage to an 11-story approximately 1,350-space parking garage located at 330 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21202; (b) acquisition of equipment and renovations at the Institution’s facilities located at the addresses listed in the following paragraph, which included the Institution’s hospital campus in downtown Baltimore as well as other facilities; and (c) the refinancing of the Authority’s Project and Refunding Revenue Bonds, Mercy Medical Center Issue, Series 1996, the proceeds of which were used to finance or refinance certain of the existing facilities of the Institution at the addresses listed in the following paragraph (collectively, the “Project”). The Project may also include land or interests in land, buildings, structures, machinery, equipment, furnishings or other real or personal property located on the same sites as the Project. The Project is located at 227 St. Paul Place, 301 St. Paul Place, 321 N. Calvert Street, 343 N. Calvert Street, 330 Guilford Avenue and 345 St. Paul Place, all in Baltimore, Maryland 21202. The Institution is the initial owner and operator of the Project. The maximum aggregate principal amount of the Bonds issued with respect to the Project will be $28,955,000. The Bonds will be issued pursuant to a plan of financing for the Project that may entail the financing or refinancing from time to time by the Bonds including the financing and refinancing of the Bonds. Because of the possible inclusion of original issue discount bonds (some of which may be capital appreciation bonds) the total amount of Bonds payable at maturity may exceed the initial stated principal amount of the Bonds. The public hearing will be held to meet the requirements imposed by Section 147(f) of the Internal Revenue Code to the extent applicable to the Bonds. For additional information or to submit written testimony, contact the Executive Director of the Authority at the address set forth above.

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