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MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT WATER AND SCIENCE ADMINISTRATION NOTICE OF FINAL DETERMINATION Baltimore City Application for State Discharge Permit, 11DP0138B, NPDES Permit MD0001911: Kaydon Ring and Seal, Inc., 1600 Wicomico Street, Baltimore, MD 21230, submitted a modification request of a permit which authorizes the discharge of an average of 291,000 gallons per day of noncontact cooling water, heat treat rinse tank overflow, boiler blowdown, and variable volumes of storm water from a facility that manufactures piston rings and seals, located at 1600 Wicomico Street, Baltimore, MD, to the Middle Branch Patapsco River (Use II). The Department published a tentative permit determination on July 29 and August. 5, 2016 and received comments regarding the draft permit. After considering all comments received, the Department has made a final determination to issue the permit with no changes from the Tentative Determination. Any person adversely affected by this final determination may request a judicial review. The judicial review must be filed no later than April 9, 2018 in the circuit court of the county where the activity will occur. Persons wishing to review the final permit may do so by contacting Mr. Michael Richardson, Chief, Industrial and General Permits Division at 410-537-3654 to make an appointment. Copies of documents may be obtained at a cost of $0.36 per page.

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