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MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT WATER AND SCIENCE ADMINISTRATION NOTICE OF APPLICATION RECEIVED AND TENTATIVE DETERMINATION Baltimore City Application for State Discharge Permit 06DP2312A, NPDES Permit MD0061930: Veolia Energy Baltimore Corporation, 1400 Ridgely St., Baltimore, MD 21230 submitted a permit modification request to revise Copper limits at Outfall 001. The facility discharges an average of 24,000 gallons per day of boiler blowdown, noncontact cooling water, and water softener regeneration water and variable volumes of storm water from a steam generating facility (Spring Gardens Steam Plant), located 1501 Leadenhall St., Baltimore, MD, to a storm drain to the Middle Branch of Baltimore Harbor (Use II waters). The Department proposes to adjust the copper limits at Outfall 001 based on a dilution factor of 3.3. The new copper limits are 0.030 mg/l (monthly average) and 0.044 mg/l (daily maximum). Additionally a special condition that allows the copper limits to be adjusted based on hardness has been added to the permit. All other limits and monitoring conditions will remain the same. If a written request is received by November 1, 2017, an informational meeting on the application and/or a public hearing on the tentative determination can be scheduled. The request should be sent to the Maryland Department of the Environment, Water and Science Administration, 1800 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, Maryland 21230-1708, Attn.: Mr. Michael Richardson, Chief, Industrial and General Permits Division and must include the name, address and telephone number (home and work) of the person making the request, the name of any other party whom the person making the request may represent, and the name of the facility and permit number. Failure to request a meeting or hearing by November 1, 2017 will constitute a waiver of the right to an informational meeting or public hearing on the tentative determination of this permit. Written comments concerning this tentative determination will be considered in the preparation of a final determination if submitted to the Department, to the attention of Mr. Richardson at the above address, on or before November 13, 2017. Any hearing-impaired person who requests an informational meeting or public hearing may request an interpreter by contacting Mr. Richardson at (410) 537-3654 or 1-800-633-6101, or by written request to the above address at least ten working days prior to the scheduled meeting or hearing date. Information supporting the tentative determination, including the application, fact sheet, and draft permit, may be reviewed by contacting Mr. Richardson by telephone to make an appointment or by written request to the above address. Copies of documents may be obtained at a cost of $0.36 per page.

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