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Legal Notice

LEGAL NOTICE Route 1 Self Storage Facility Operators Sale for non-payment of storage charges pursuant to the power of sale contained under Maryland Self-Storage Facility Act Senate Bill 122; the following property will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION ON- June 20th, 2018 AT 1:00 PM on the premises of; Route 1 Self Storage 9165 Washington Blvd. North, Laurel, Md. 20723 Route 1 Self Storage reserves the right to cancel a sale at any time for any reason All items in storage units contain household items unless otherwise mentioned TERMS OF SALE: CASH PROPERTY OF NAME/ UNIT # David Bieber/ 2184 Gregory Brumfield/ 425 Gregory Brumfield/ 325 Gregory Brumfield/ 448 Gregory Brumfield/ 443 Yarryd Lowery/ 2206 Hedwada Bond/ 2070 Kat Cohen/ 4054 Monika Fuller/ A2101 Jonathan Green/ 2144 Brian Hubbard/ 4029 Brian Kelly/ 441 Clint Sutton/ 3128 Clint Sutton/ 3137 Nicole White/ 2125 5651680 06/11/18

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Public & Legal Notices 

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