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In The Circuit Court

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR BALTIMORE CITY NOITCE (MINOR) (DOM REL 65) IN THE MATTER OF JERE-MYAH QUINCY DAVIS FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO: JEREMYAH QUINCY ELLIOTT. BY AND THROUGH HIS/HER MOTHER/FATHER/GUARDIAN: APRIL ELLIOTT The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name in which he/she seeks to change the name of minor child from JERE-MYAH QUINCY DAVIS to JEREMYAH QUINCY ELLIOTT. The petitioner is seeking this name change for the child for the following reasons: Personal preference. Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 26th day of October, 2018. The objection must be supported by an affidavit and served upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1-321. Failure to file an objection or affidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by default or the granting of the relief sought. A copy of this notice shall be published one time in a newspaper of general circulation in the county/city at least fifteen (15) days before the deadline to file and objection. /s/Marilyn Bentley, Clerk

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